Right at the forefront of retail

Sport is pure excitement – and betting live with others even more so. Tipico Retail Services delivers everything for the perfect local betting shop: well-thought-out hardware, top components and an unsurpassed user-friendly system for a phenomenal betting experience.

POS system

  • eBETShop Software*
  • Powerful compact PC
  • 2x 19” TFT screens for employees and customers
  • OMR document reader for capture of betting cards
  • Omni-directional barcode scanner
  • Epson thermal printer for ticket issue
  • All connecting cables
  • 3-year warranty and 4-hour on-site service

Wall terminal

  • Powerful computer unit
  • eBETTerminal Software
  • 24" touch-screen for easy operation
  • Integrated thermal receipt printer
  • Integrated bank note validator (5-200 EUR bills)
  • Built-in optical barcode scanner (betting slips and loyalty cards)
  • Connection capability for additional monitor / eBETScreenServer
  • Ashtray & cup holder
  • Admin card(s)
  • Optional host card(s)

Information System / Display Server

  • eBET Info Software*
  • Available as MidiTower stand housing or 19 "rack mount
  • Peripherals such as mouse and keyboard
  • Omni-directional barcode scanner
  • Epson thermal printer for ticket issuing
  • Adapter for the connection of up to twelve monitors via HDMI

Automatic betting machine

  • eBET Terminal Software*
  • eBET Info Software** with the option to connect four additional information screens
  • 24” touchscreen monitor for easy operation
  • Powerful coin and bank note verifiers
  • Epson thermal printer for ticket issue
  • Linear barcode scanner
  • Optional: document reader for capturing betting cards
  • Ashtray & cup holder
  • 2 years’ warranty


We develop and maintain the infrastructures of Europe’s leading sports betting providers and their retailers with our END2END modular platform solutions: from sophisticated automated systems to user-friendly software, including installation and daily support service.